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Pufferfish Downloads

Download the latest builds of our Pufferfish and Pufferfish+ performance server jars here!


What is the Pufferfish fork?

Pufferfish is a high performance fork of Paper, which aims to provide enterprise features and maximize performance.

What is Pufferfish Plus?

Pufferfish Plus is our improved version of Pufferfish, which includes enterprise support and additional async features, such as an async entity tracker and an async pathfinding system. In benchmarks, it is around 25-30% faster than the standard version of Pufferfish.

Is Pufferfish Open Source?

Pufferfish is open source software, and can be found on our github. Unfortunately, Pufferfish+ is not open source software.

Should I use the Pufferfish Server Jar?

We believe every server that aims to maintain an optimal experience for their players should consider using our software. Pufferfish adds many optimizations to the game while making sure that gameplay is as close to vanilla as possible.