Pufferfish Host | 7950x Dedicated Server

Ryzen 9 7950x Dedicated Server

Ashburn, VA, USA

CPU Information

The 7950x CPU is a fantastic high-clock speed, high core-count CPU for all applications. Its superior speed and efficiency makes it the fastest CPU on the market in gaming applications.

CPU ModelClock SpeedMax TurboCores/ThreadsSinglethread ScoreMultithread Score
Ryzen 9 7950x4.5GHz5.7GHz16c/32t430163161

Memory Information

We use the maximum-speed DDR5 memory in all of our servers. Our high memory capacity allows you to run many game instances on the same machine, allowing you to use the high core count of the CPU to its maximum ability.

Memory TypeSizeSpeedCost

Storage Information

We populate all of our servers with dual NVMe SSDs. In the event of a drive failure, your server will continue running without interruption under our recommended default configuration of RAID 1 redundancy.

Storage TypeSizeDrive CountPrice

Network Information

In partnership with CosmicGuard, we include at least a 1G ddos-protected port for all servers. Most of our servers are equipped with dual 10G ddos-protected ports. We support DDoS filters for many games including Minecraft, Rust, FiveM, and many more.

BandwidthPort SpeedDDoS protectionPrice
30TB/month1Gbps (guaranteed)CosmicGuard includedFREE

Operating Systems

Install your own operating system using our easy, instant installation page. You can also access a rescue operating system if you need to recover files or fix configurations. For no additional charge, we can add your server to our managed panel system and provide you with an easy-to-use Pterodactyl-based interface to manage your server.

DescriptionExtra FeaturesInstallation SpeedPrice
Centos 7InstantFREE
Centos 8InstantFREE
Centos 9InstantFREE
AlmaLinux 8InstantFREE
AlmaLinux 9InstantFREE
Rocky Linux 8InstantFREE
Rocky Linux 9InstantFREE
OpenVZ 7InstantFREE
Debian 10InstantFREE
Debian 11InstantFREE
Debian 12InstantFREE
Ubuntu 18.04InstantFREE
Ubuntu 20.04InstantFREE
Ubuntu 22.04InstantFREE
Proxmox VE 7InstantFREE
Proxmox VE 8InstantFREE
Fedora 37InstantFREE
System Rescue CDInstantFREE
Pterodactyl PanelFree backups and management, no SSH24 HoursFREE

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