The Fastest Minecraft Server Host

Your players deserve better. You've already made compromises. You've reduced your server's view distance, you've resorted to unstable "performance" forks, and you've cranked down spawn rates. And your server still lags. It's frustrating, and we get it.

Pufferfish host uses the best hardware money can buy and high-quality custom software to give you access to the power you need to provide a lag-free experience to your players.

Excellent Performance

Built from the ground up to provide maximum performance, Pufferfish Host won't let you your your players down! We provide performance that none of our competitors can match with our CPU Burst technology and our custom build of Pufferfish+ containing even more performance patches!

Knowledgeable Support

Our support staff all have experience working on servers, so they understand how to resolve your problems. We'll give you real performance tips! When we say we want to fix lag, we really mean it.

No Overselling. Period.

Our status page shows live node-stats so you can see for yourself! Unlike our competitors, we don't oversell, ever. Your resources are yours. Stop making compromises on your players' experiences. Cranking settings down isn't the answer.

Effet of CPU Bursting on laggy ticks
Effet of CPU Bursting on startup time
Proven to be faster than the competition

With our proprietary CPU Bursting technology, your server could temporarily run up to 2x faster on our platform, compared to other dedicated Minecraft hosting platforms. This feature allows you to use additional resources, if they are available, to make sure your server never has to suffer a lag spike. CPU Bursting is applied dynamically as your server needs it, no configuration is required on your end. Just enjoy those sweet performance boosts! If we have leftover compute power to prevent a lag spike, we will.

Our CPU Bursting feature is inspired by enterprise grade hypervisors like Google Cloud Platform, and allows your server to gain a significant speed boost when it is required. Best of all, this feature is completely free. See the benchmarks for yourself! It makes a world of difference.

We benchmarked our service against similar plans from our competitors and found that Pufferfish Host servers are 2.5x faster to start up, and handle lag spikes with less than half the severity.

As a matter of fact, the company behind Pufferfish Host (Pufferfish Studios) runs a popular Minecraft server network on the same hardware as Pufferfish Host clients! You can trust us to provide you with excellent service, we've used it ourselves to achive nearly 800 players on our network! If you're worried about performance, you won't be disappointed. We're experts.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is storage really unmetered?
    Yes, as long as your storage is only used for your Minecraft server, then we will happily give you more storage.
  • Can bedrock players join too?
    Yes! We automatically pre-install Geyser on all of servers to allow bedrock players to join right out of the box.
  • What if I still have lag?
    You shouldn't. But, our support team is equipped to assist with any performance issues you have. Just open a ticket and we'll take a look! Laggy plugin? We can optimize it for you!
  • Do you offer backups?
    Of course! We offer 1 free offsite backup per server, and we take our own very frequent offsite backups of all servers just in case anything goes wrong.
  • Do you offer MySQL databases?
    Yep, you can create MySQL databases directly on the panel.
  • Do you offer reverse proxies?
    Yes! Create a ticket and we'll get you set up.
  • Can you transfer my server from another for me?
    You can use our automatic server import feature! If you need any assistance with the process, contact our support team.
  • Any other questions???
    Chat with us on Discord! We'd love to answer any other questions you may have!
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Pufferfish Host is committed to providing you with the best possible hardware and the best possible service.

Pufferfish Studios LLC is registered in the State of Pennsylvania, USA.
Entity Number 7341243

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